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Company Overview

Cloud303, Inc. ("Cloud303") is a small, elite cloud consulting firm focused on bespoke solutions to novel problems. With a wide variety of experience within the team, Cloud303 specializes in any and all workloads on AWS. Headquartered out of Denver with an office in Boston, Cloud303's team spans across both the West and East coasts of the United States. 

What Makes Us Different

  • Dedicated Team per Client - Each client gets assigned a dedicated team of engineers throughout the lifecycle of the engagement, be it proserv projects or managed services, so the context is never lost and the client never needs to explain the account history.

  • Customer Forum - Cloud303 offers a web based forum where customers can ask and get solutions to smaller problems without a support ticket. We pride ourselves on turning detailed answers around within 1 business day.

  • Vast Experience - 

    • Traditional DevOps, including CI/CD pipelines

    • Containers - K8S & Docker on ECS

    • Machine learning

    • Entertainment Industry/Media Pipelines

    • Serverless - Architecting on Serverless & building microservices with Lambda

  • Well-Architected Review - 

    • Traditional AWS Well-Architected Review 

    • BigData AI/ML WAR

  • Average of 8 years AWS experience among managing staff with 30+ AWS Certifications across the team.

​Solutions Sweet Spot

End-User Compute

  • AppStream 2.0

  • WorkSpaces


  • CI/CD Pipelines

  • Containers - ECS & EKS


  • CloudChomp

  • CloudEndure


  • Microservices w/ Lambda, Step-Functions, and API Gateway

  • Authentication w/ Cognito

AI/ML Big Data

  • Data Pipelines

  • ML Modeling

  • SageMaker

Cost Optimization

Cloud303 offers a comprehensive Cost-Optimization program which automatically discounts 5% of your overall AWS bill. Our dedicated Cost Optimization team will work with you to help lower AWS spendings to realize increased ROI.

​Key Technologies

Cloud Ecosystem 
AWS (Advanced Consulting & Channel Reseller Partner), Docker, Kubernetes, Telemethus, CloudEndure,  CloudChomp,Trend Micro, CloudFormation, Terraform, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash.

Clientele Sweet Spot

Although our clientele includes larger organizations like L3 Harris and Iontra, we do not actively go seek enterprise accounts. We are big in the small to medium business market as we would be considered one ourselves.  We'll do anything in our powers to accomodate an AWS adoption/optimization for your company.

Reference clients:  10-8 Systems, Modern, Iontra, and Idaciti

Client Case Studies

Modern "modernized" their application on AWS by working with Cloud303

Dan Logan, CTO

"Cloud303 has alleviated our need for a dedicated Dev-Ops staff.  Because of them we are spending at least 30% more time developing our product and not messing with AWS." 

--Dan Logan, CTO       

Key Benefits:

  • Effectively outsourced their Dev-Ops & Security to Cloud303.

  • Reduced AWS bill by 25% with deployment of Auto Scaling Groups.

  • Optimized workflows and deployments with CI/CD pipelines for both staging and production environments.

AMCOBI successfully achieved a zero downtime migration from RackSpace to AWS with Cloud303

Dan Prescott, CTO

" Cloud303 completed a seamless full stack migration from RackSpace to the AWS infrastructure. They expertly leveraged CloudEndure to facilitate a multi-terabyte zero downtime migration with no customer impact and zero data loss.  Once the migration was complete, we walked through a Well-Architected Review and were able to make some immediate improvements.  Throughout each of these projects, we were able to increase our knowledge, optimize our use of the AWS infrastructure, and plan future enhancements to our application. ."

-- Dan Prescott, CTO

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced overall infrastructure spend by 30% by migration from RackSpace to AWS.

  • Modernized application by moving from a single point of failure to highly available across multiple availability zones.

  • Realized improved infrastructure performance by adopting newer and more optimal instance type.

Wittwer & Parkin team migrated from traditional WorkStations to AWS WorkSpaces with Cloud303

William Parkin, Partner

"Cloud303 helped our team move from using local computers in the office to AWS WorkSpaces. Our local file shares were also moved with no loss of data and the performance of these WorkSpaces have been great alongside FSx for Windows Servers. This was done right before COVID-19 so our business operations were thankfully up and running without any disruptions."

-- William Parkin, Partner

Key Benefits:

  • Operational overhead of local workstations completely eliminated by moving to AWS WorkSpaces.

  • Added additional security by utilizing Cloud303's Managed WorkSpaces program that provides anti-virus, monitoring, patching, and remote management of AWS WorkSpaces. 

  • Improve security by encrypting all underlying volumes, traffic, and mounted network drives on the AWS WorkSpaces.