Cloud303 Remote Access

If you're joining Cloud303 for any reason we'll need some level of access to your account.  Here are some example "Use Cases" and recommended access levels:

  • Managed Services - Full Access

  • Well-Architected Program - Read-Only Access*

  • Cost Management Program - Billing Access

  • Quick Support Issue - Full Access

  • Issue Assessment - Read-Only Access

* -  If any partner tools like Trend Micro's Cloud Conformity is to be deployed to find security vulnerabilities in the account, we will need additional permissions. 

If you have a question just ask your rep or give us a call.

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The Process:

  1. Fill out the form below. We need your name, email address, company that owns the account we are accessing, the AWS account number of the account, and a name for the account.  The name can be as simple as your company name again, or if you have more than 1 account, maybe the name is "production" or "team1" but it's mostly arbitrary. Choose the access level that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that you can remove our access anytime after this process by deleting the IAM roles that start with the name "Cloud303".​

  2. Log in to the AWS account you are giving us access to.  You'll need to be logged in to the account for the directions you receive in step 3 below to work.  Additionally, you'll need to be logged in with a user that has access to create the necessary roles. Once logged in, follow the instructions you will recieve from step 3 below.

  3. We'll send you an email with a link for deploying a cloudformation. Click it! Clicking the link in the email will take you to the cloudformation page and automatically fill out all the variables needed for you.  You can change anything you like, it's your account, but we don't recommend doing it if you don't understand what it is doing.

  4. Just click through the deployment of the formation.  Just like installing windows software, blindly press next and accept anything it asks for until it stops asking.

  5. Let your Cloud303 contact know when you have completed the AWS set-up above.  We won't have any indication that you have completed steps 1-4 above providing us access to your AWS account unless you let us know.