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2 Answers
Jesse Wiener United States
9/15/20, 4:05 PM

Hi Stan,

This is a more common problem than you might think!

First, even though the browser says "Not secure" on your homepage, if the the SSL certificate was provisioned via AWS Certificate Manager and properly associated with your load balancer, and if your other pages show as secure, the certificate is valid and the problem lies elsewhere.

As for what causes this to happen:
When a site is otherwise secure but some pages show as not secure, it usually means an image or a hyperlink is referring to content via "http" instead of "https." So-called "mixed content" ends up being blocked by browsers and makes your site appear insecure.

Take a closer look at the code for your homepage and look at the links - especially the image tags. I'm willing to bet that there are some images referenced via "http" rather than "https." Compare that to the pages that ARE secure, and most likely, you'll see that all of those links contain "https."

Fixing it is as simple as changing "http" to "https" in the code. That should make the page secure. Good luck! Let us know if that doesn't solve it.


Dan Logan United States
10/13/20, 8:14 PM

What Jesse said. As a back and frontend guy, I just want to make it clear that every form you create, every XHR button you use a link to, must be secured in order for the browser to show a full auth. It also includes your libraries and everything else you import. Keep your stuff up to date and make sure you aren't making any requests that aren't on port 443 and you'll be good. Cheers my dood.

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