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Jesse Wiener United States
6/2/20, 1:47 PM

Hi Peter, 

Thank you for your question. 

Migrating domain names from Route 53 in one AWS account to another is an easy process, though it does have a few steps. Here's what you do: 

First, log into the OLD account and do the following (or have your friend do this):
* Go to Route 53:
    - Go to "Services" and type "Route 53"
* On the left nav pane, click "Registered Domains"
* From the list of registered domains, click the domain name you want to transfer.
* On the domain detail page:
    - Make sure "Transfer lock" is DISABLED.
    - Next to "Authorization code" click "Get code"
    - Copy the string displayed in the modal popup and paste it somewhere safe - you will need it soon.
    - Copy the "Registrant contact" information and paste it somewhere safe - you will need it soon.

Log into the NEW account (your account) and do the following: 
* Go to Route 53:
    - Go to "Services" and type "Route 53"
* On the left nav pane, click "Registered Domains"
* Under "Registered domains" click "Transfer Domain"
* Type the domain you're transferring into the field and click "Check"
- Be sure you've chosen the correct top-level domain (.com .org .net etc)
* Click "Add to Cart"
* Click "Continue"
* Enter the authorization code you saved earlier (from the "Get code" step)
* Under "Name server options".
    - If you want the domain name to continue pointing to where it is pointing currently:
        - choose "Continue to use the name servers provided by the current registrar or DNS service"
    - If you have already created a hosted zone in this new account and want those name servers:
        - choose "Import name servers from a Route 53 hosted zone that has the same name as the domain"
    - If you know what you're doing and you have a very good reason to do this:
        - choose "Specify new name servers to replace the current registrar's name servers (not recommended)"
            - (This is not recommended)
* Click "Continue"
* Fill out the contact info from the "Registrant contact" that we got from the other account.
* Make sure that "Privacy protection" is set to "Enabled"
* Click "Continue"
* Review the details
* If you want the domain to renew automatically, make sure "Do you want to automatically renew your domain?" is set to "Enabled."
* Under "Terms and Conditions" check "I have read and agree to the AWS Domain Name Registration Agreement."
* Click "Complete Order"

Now, the current owner will receive an email confirming the transfer.

As for "all their settings," did you want to migrate the DNS records as well so the domain continues to point to the same website? I can answer that for you as well. Just let me know. 

Thank you for your question!



Cloud303 Solutions Architect 

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