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Jesse Wiener United States
6/18/20, 6:22 PM

Hi Stan,

I know that big red "ROLLBACK_COMPLETE" alert can be demoralizing, but CloudFormation is actually quite forgiving about mistakes.

First, know that if you deploy something by accident and want to remove it, just delete the CloudFormation stack. Deleting the stack in CloudFormation deletes all the resources that it deployed. You don't have to worry about going through and deleting all the individual items the stack installed throughout your account.

Now, if the mistake you made was within the deployment, CloudFormation will allow you to correct your mistake in a couple different ways, depending on what went wrong. If the deployment was unsuccessful ("ROLLBACK_COMPLETE") we suggest deleting the stack, uploading the template again and starting the deployment over.

Did you make changes to the template? Oftentimes, a failed deployment occurs because of malformed YAML. If not, it's possible there was an error made when choosing template parameters.

Common errors include:
- Using a resource name when what is required is an ARN (Amazon Resource Name)
- Using an ARN when what is required is a resource name.
- Leaving out a parameter that isn't optional

- For all of these errors, double-check the description of the parameter for what is required.

If the deployment was successful but you typed a parameter wrong or chose the wrong option in a dropdown:

- Go to the stack.
- Click "Update."
- Choose "Use current template."
- Click "Next."
- Make the changes to the parameters you chose in error.
- Click "Next."
- Click "Next."
- Check the checkbox if there is one.
- Click "Update stack."

CloudFormation will now go through and re-deploy the resources that have changed - and only the resources that have changed. Before you click "update stack" you will see a list of those changes to make sure you're getting the changes that you want.

Let me know if this doesn't address your particular issues and I'd be glad to help further.



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