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Our AWS OPS Plans

DevOps - FinOps - SecOps - xOps

We work hard on everything AWS so you don't have to.

Adopting the cloud is a daunting en-devour.   You'll need competent help with security, infrastructure, disaster recovery, resiliency, keeping up with innovations, and even just the basics.
Cloud303 wants to augment your staff, become your trusted partner, reduce your exposure, and help you thrive in the AWS cloud ecosystem. And we will reduce your total cost of ownership while we do it. You will quickly find we'll be indispensable to you and your Company... Try us now with a commitment of just 6-months to test the fit for you and your team!

Break Fix & Occasional Projects

* All hours are calculated in Junior Hour Rate.  Access to junior resources is limited to our "Managed AWS" customers.

* Hour banks are a store of unused hours.  At the end of every month you bank the hours remaining and can draw from it for project or support work.

* Chaos Monkey is only for the most mature accounts.  We will not turn this on without extensive testing, close collaboration, and extreme levels of confidence in the resiliency of your infrastructure. But it is kind of fun.